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Marlene. Slusser   Accounting (419) 584-1218   Account Payables & Receivables
Toni  Slusser   Systems (419) 584-1218   Systems Administrator
Carl Evers   Dispatch/Logistics (419) 584-1218   Employee Assignments and Orders
Paulette Ottomeier   Billing (419) 584-1218   General Information
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  • Tom's Installation Company, Inc. serves the Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan markets with crews and equipment to install all types of wire, pipes, conduit, and electrical lines.
  • Crews are available and can provide service for many types of construction, ranging from small residential installations to large municipal projects.
    •  Other equipment available includes:

    •  Backhoes

    •  Dozers

    •  Pole, Reel and Flat Trailers

    •  Digger Trucks (12", 18", 24", and 36")

    • Bucket Truck  (40' working height)

Inspect our equipment by clicking on equipment links to find the trencher or directional boring solution that is best for you.


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Tom's Installation Company, Inc. - Serving the Tele-Communications Industry


A Full Service Public Utility Contractor Serving Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

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